Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ice Cream Cone Rice Krispie Treat

David is lucky enough to have a teacher that takes the time to celebrate all of the summer birthdays. Tomorrow is David's day to celebrate. For his early birthday treat, we decided to make some "ice cream cones". 

He helped by filling each of the colored cones with two mini candy bars. (You can't have an empty ice cream cone!) 

Then I made a double batch of Rice Krispie treats. I used a large scoop and my hands to shape these ice cream scoops. (Make sure you spray your hands with cooking spray. That will make it easier to mold the treats.)

I then used melting chocolate discs to color the Rice Krispies.  He picked out the colors. You could do any color you want. I used a spoon to spread on the melted chocolate. Then we put on some sprinkles. To get the treat to stick to the cone, I used a butter knife and spread some remaining melted chocolate around the rim of the cone. Then I stuck the treat on top of the chocolate. It stayed really well when it dried.