Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve Balloon Countdown for Kids

Here is our 3rd Annual New Year's Eve Balloon Countdown of Activities. I will post updates at the night progresses. 

4:30: Make 2016 dipping sticks from crescent rolls
5:15: Make chocolate fortune cookies
6:10: Make 2016 cheese bread
6:25: Make your own pizza or Stromboli for dinner
6:50: Decorate one cookie for Michigan State and one for 2016
7:12: Fill out the yearly questionnaire. 
7:45: Photo booth #1--Wear your favorite Michigan State attire. 
8:00: Visit the concession stand for the Michigan State game
8:25: Make pop-up fireworks
8:59: Open the surprise ball
9:28: Make fire ice cream
9:50: Play glow stick ring toss
10:18: Do the New Year's word search or color page
10:52: Photo booth #2-in Times Square
11:15: Do a 2016 painting
11:58: Silly string, balloon drop, noisemaker check 

Each surprise ball has a little toy inside an entire roll of streamer. They can't rip it. They have to unwind the entire roll. 

The cookie cakes for decoration

The Times Square banner I found at Party City. 

Glow in the dark ring toss...

Balloon drop. (This is a plastic table cloth I bought at the dollar store.)

2016 made from crescent rolls.

2016 Cheese Bread

Chocolate fortune cookies

Decorated cookies