Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Paper Circuit

Our newest adventure has been paper circuits. For basic paper circuits, you only need some copper tape, led lights, and coin batteries. 

We started by folding a piece of cardstock. On the outside cover we traced a rose and colored it. We then decided where we wanted the light to be placed. 

On the inside cover, I folded one corner of the paper over to create a flap. Then I ran two pieces of copper tape down the piece of paper. One side of the tap was on the flap and the other was placed under the coin battery. 

The tape has to run down the page so one end of the light is on one side of the tape and the other end of the light is on the other piece of the tape. (The tape on the far left of my paper does not have to be there.) The right side of the paper is the led light pushed through. For more information about negative and positive ends in a simple circuit, see this pdf:

The flap must be flipped down so the tape hits the battery and closes the circuit. 

When the led light wires hit the tape and the circuit is closed, the light will shine.