Monday, October 7, 2013

Number or Letter Hockey

This activity works great for not only number recognition, but also for getting your kids up and moving around. 

Simply write numbers on pieces of paper and tape them to the floor. (This would also work great for letter recognition.) My son made a "hockey puck" out of an old roll of duct tape. He used construction paper to fill in the circle to make it look more like a puck. One person calls off a number and he has three hits with his stick (could be anything you have around the house--a broom, a horse on a stick, a plastic bat, etc.) to get the puck to the correct number. If he gets it right, he gets another turn. If he gets it wrong, it is another person's turn. 

If you don't have a hard floor you could do the same thing--just have the kids roll a ball or object to the correct piece of paper.