Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Felt Peek-a-Boo Houses

This was a craft that the kids really enjoyed. They each took it to their own levels. We started by cutting a rectangle and a triangle out of cardboard. That was the base of our house. Then we cut a piece of felt to fit each piece of cardboard and hot glued it on the cardboard. The kids really liked picking out the colors for their houses and windows. Next, we cut out pieces of felt for the windows and doors. 

Then I cut out pieces of paper that were the size of the windows. On the older kids' houses, they drew a lot of the pictures they wanted to be shown under the windows. 

We hot glued the paper pictures where the windows were going to go. Then I hot glued the top of each piece of window and door felt to the top of each picture. This created a flap. 

For Rachel's house, we glued little pictures of the family under her windows and door. She enjoyed pulling the flap up to reveal each picture.