Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Leprechaun Trap Stem Activity

The kids wanted to do an activity together this weekend, so I tried to come up with something that would interest all of them. (Ages 13, 7, and 4)

To build on their different abilities, I gave them piles of popsicle sticks of different sizes, scrapbook paper, a box, some colored paper straws, thread, rubber bands, paper clips, pipe cleaners, plastic cups of all sizes, and a mini pot of gold and coins. Then I showed them some different examples of traps and told them to construct a leprechaun trap with the materials they had. 

They all had different roles. The 4-year-old started by painting popsicle sticks. The 7-year-old started by constructing a ladder. The 13-year-old worked the glue gun and started covering the box. (We only had two sheets of grass paper, so he had to find a way to cover the box without wasting supplies. 

Then they worked together to build the straw/popsicle stick structure. The only part I had to help them with was poking a small hole through the cup so they could put the thread through the cup. 
The trap works very well. They have had fun trapping their little figures!