Sunday, August 6, 2017

Moana Birthday Party

For Rachel's 6th birthday she wanted a Moana theme party. To make a photo area I constructed a boat out of a cardboard box. I made a flag pole out of toilet paper rolls and a piece of fabric. I cut out the red circle design from cardstock and hot glued it to the fabric. The flag pole was hot glued to a cardboard base. The background was two backdrops I found from the dollar store. I also found a decorative net from the dollar store and hung it over the boat. The fish are cut from cardboard. The ceiling was covered with a blue tablecloth from the dollar store. I placed cardboard turtles and fish on top of it and put a light up there to make it stand out more. The paddle is made from toilet paper rolls and a piece of cardboard. I covered it with wood grain masking tape. Maui's hook was made from cardboard as well. I used a Sharpie to draw on the designs. I covered the bottom of the hook with brown yarn. I did use some extra stain we had to make the boat look more realistic. 

The boat was also used as a spot to open the presents. The whole set-up cost under $10. 

We also made a paper mache volcano. I cut the top off a water bottle and glued it to a cardboard base. I wadded up some paper and set it around the bottle.  

Then I mixed one cup of flour and one cup of water together. I dipped strips of paper in the paste mixture and arranged the strips over the wadded paper. I let it dry overnight. 

The next day we painted it brown and added some red, orange, yellow, and copper accent. 

We made it erupt with baking soda and vinegar (colored red with food coloring). 

Close up of the hook.

Close up of the paddle.

Then I made this cake. I found the Moana topper from Amazon. The rest is all fondant. 

Rachel really wanted a pinata, so I found a mermaid pinata at Wal-Mart, and because we were having her party after the parade that day, I collected the kids' parade candy and stuffed the pinata. (It was a win-win for everyone. She got her pinata and I didn't have to buy extra candy we didn't need!)