Friday, July 11, 2014

NBA Cupcakes

David wanted an NBA party for his 6th birthday, complete with NBA cupcakes. I really didn't think I could draw every NBA logo on the cupcakes, so I improvised. I printed logos of all the teams (current and old logos) and cut them out. Make sure you print two copies of all the logos. 

Then I cut a party straw into thirds. I taped one of the logos to the party straw. Then I attached the other copy of the same logo to the other side. This way the logo showed up on both sides of the cupcake. 

I frosted the cupcakes with orange frosting and drew on black lines to make them resemble a basketball. The boys stuck in the party straws and divided the teams into the East and West divisions. 

We set them up on both sides of the basketball cake. (