Sunday, February 21, 2016

Daily Chore/Activity Charts

To help the kids feel more productive around the house and to limit their use of electronics so they can become more active, we decided to make these chore/activity charts. Each kid has to earn a set amount of points each day in order to gain access to their ipod/ipad/xbox/etc. If they earn a certain number of points each week they can also earn $5 to be put in a bank/college account. I laminated these so they are dry erase. We can wipe it off at the end of each week and start over. On the back of each card I have a running total of points the kids earn each week. (See the picture at the bottom.) 

If you would like access to this file, you can click on the link below and make your own copy. Go to File and Make a Copy in order to edit your own. 

4-year-old's chart
7-year-old's chart

13-year-old's chart

The back of each card
We decorated the papers with stickers before we laminated them. They turned out pretty well. 

Update: These charts are working so well. The kids rarely even use their device when they complete their points. They are finding that playing board games and doing things together as a family are even more fun. Such a huge win for our family!