Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt #4

Our 4th Annual Scavenger Hunt is set for tomorrow. 

Here is a link to our past three scavenger hunts if you would like some ideas for clues:

Here are the clues for tomorrow's hunt: 
#1: The living room gets cold
And like it I do not.
But your next clue is found
Where the living room gets hot.

#2: The house also can get dry
But not ‘cause of stupidity.
Please find the next clue
Where we increase humidity.

#3: The living room clues are over
And it’s time to move on.
Go find a clue where
We often greet Don.

#4: We can’t stop now,
You’re getting so close.
Go find a heart where
Matt showers the most.

#5: You’ve got one more challenge,
You’re almost home.
Gifts will be found
Where Dad charges his phone.

#6: You did, you made it,
You solved all the clues.
This day is full of love
So don’t get the winter blues.