Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt #3

We are all pretty excited about our 3rd Annual Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt. From the moment we turned the calendar to February, David has been counting down the days until this. It is something he remembers and reminds me about yearly. I am sure it will be the same for the St. Patrick's Day hunt. If you want to start a fun tradition with your kids, this is definitely memorable for them! 

I have to give credit to Steve for the clues. He is the poetic one in the family :) Everything pictured below came from the dollar store (except the books). I do have a larger prize waiting for them at the end of the hunt. Here are links to our other Valentine's Day hunts. 

The clues for this year: 

Clue #1: We are going to get started. You are going to be the champ. The first clue is under mom's lamp. 

Clue #2: Always have a very strong handshake. Your next clue is found on a topping for your pancake. 

Clue #3: Syrup is sweet and sticky like glue. Your next clue is found where you put on your shoe. 

Clue #4: Violets are blue, Roses are red. Your next clue is found by Fred (our fish). Could say bed instead.

Clue #5: You are almost done, and are smooth as silk. Your next clue is attached to your milk.

Clue #6: This is it. Your hunt is done. Go to your playhouse to find your fun.