Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt #2

The first scavenger hunt I did for the kids was one year ago, on Valentine's Day ( They have so much fun that I created hunts for other holidays throughout the year. 

Here is the second round of Valentine's Day...

The clues (Had to make the clues a little easier this year because David and Rachel would be playing without big brother's help): 

It’s Valentine’s Day, Hooray! Go find your first clue in the room where you start your day.

I hope this hunt isn’t making you mad, go find your next clue where you plug in the ipad.

Valentine’s Day is so much fun, go get a Kleenex in case your nose runs.

Valentine’s Day sees no crying; find your next clue where the clothes are drying.

Let’s hope Rachel doesn’t mind… in her room is the last clue you will find.

You did it!! You are such a sweetheart, now go and eat your poptart! 

Yes, clues are pretty cheesy, but he will like them.

Start by making a Valentine for the kids. 

Cut it up into 6 pieces. (One piece will be attached to each clue. At the end of the hunt, they will be able to put the pieces together to read the Valentine. 

I found some heart balloons at a craft store. I attached a clue and a Valentine piece to each of the balloons. The first saying is sitting at his spot at the breakfast table. 

Along with each clue, I put a "treat" next the the hidden balloons. The kids will each take a basket, and following the clues, will find their Valentine pieces and treats.