Thursday, February 20, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Today I created a St. Patrick's Day wreath using the same technique I have used in the past to make holiday wreaths out of tulle. 

I bought some glittery green, white, and dark green tulle. I used a styrofoam circle as the base and bought some Shamrock ornaments from Joann Fabrics. 

Start by cutting 18 inch pieces of tulle. (I ended up using 20, 18 inch, pieces of each color.) I use a piece of cardboard (pictured below) to measure the tulle. I wrap it around the cardboard and then cut the ends.

To see a picture showing how to tie the tulle, click on this link:  

To finish, I tied a piece of string through three shamrock ornaments and hung them around the top of the styrofoam ring.