Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scratch-off Valentine's Day Cards

The scratch-off activity cards we made for snow days this year were such a big hit, we decided to follow the same theme for Valentine's Day.  (

We are already taking "treats" to the Valentine's Day party, so we decided to make a seat belt cover pillow for each of the daycare kids instead of giving more candy.  David picked out fabric all by himself for each of his friends. ( 

To go with the pillows, we made these scratch-off Valentine cards. I just cut pieces of cardstock and wrote the message with marker. We wrote, "Guess who (loves) you? Inside the heart, we wrote the kids' names. I covered the heart with contact paper. If you don't have contact paper, you can color over the message with white crayon. 

Mix 2 parts gray acrylic paint with 1 part Dawn dishsoap.  

Paint over the contact paper. When it dries, it scratches off like a lottery ticket to reveal the names inside the heart. 

While we were at it today, we also made cards for the grandmas in our lives. 

We wrote a message on the front. 

And decorated a message in the middle. We also painted over these hearts. The grandmas will reveal all of the kids' names.