Saturday, February 1, 2014

Groundhog Day Craft

I wanted to teach David about Groundhog Day, so we set out to find the perfect craft. We found this craft on 

We started by cutting two blue and one green circle from construction paper. Cut the green circle in half and paste to the bottoms of the blue circles. 
On one of the circles, write Six More Weeks of Winter on the top of the side that has the green bottom. Flip the circle over and write Spring is Coming Soon (as pictured below) 

Take the other circle and place glue on the blue portion. Glue the blue part of this circle to the bottom of the Spring is Coming Soon side. 

Meanwhile, find groundhog clipart. (,%20Holidays,%20and%20Celebrations/Images/Black%20and%20White%20Images/Winter%20Clip%20Art/) 
Print out two small groundhogs. David colored them and we cut them out. Using the cut groundhog, trace a shadow on black construction paper. Cut that out. 

Paste one of the groundhogs on the spring is coming soon side. We added some cotton ball clouds and spring stickers. 
On the Six More Weeks of Winter side, we pasted the groundhog and the shadow, along with cotton ball snow. We added a sun as well. 
The finished product.