Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards

Rachael Ray brought up a lot of great ideas for Super Bowl parties on her show yesterday. One that caught my attention was Super Bowl Commercial Bingo. There is a link to her cards on her website:

My 5-year-old can't read these words yet, so I made my own Super Bowl Commercial Bingo cards, complete with pictures so he can do this game on his own. 

On the website, I found a listing of the commercials and what time during the game they will be aired. I found images of all the ads that are supposed to be aired during the first half. (Because most kids will have to be in bed before the end of the game.) 

I added some Bronco and Seahawk Free Space squares as well. I moved the images around on a second card so my boys have different cards. If you would like this template, comment below with your email address.