Sunday, January 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Wreath

I wanted a new seasonal wreath, so I pulled out some tulle and a Styrofoam circle and used the same technique I have used in the past to create other wreaths. 
I used pink, white, and sparkly black tulle. 
You will need to cut 18 inch strips of tulle. To make this easier, I cut a piece of cardboard 18 inches. I wrapped the tulle around the cardboard many times. Then I cut both ends to create the strips. 
Next, I tied the tulle to the Styrofoam ring. 
Start by wrapping the tulle around the ring. Take the right side piece and pull it over the left side piece and tie. 
Then take the left side piece and wrap it around the right side piece and tie tight. Think of it as a double knot. 
Here is the pattern I used. I did black, pink, white, pink, white, repeat until the whole ring was covered. 
There are a couple of ways you can display this wreath. If you slide all of the knots around the ring, this is the look you get...

I decided to keep mine like the picture below so I could hang some hearts in the middle. 
I cut a couple of hearts out of foam sheets I bought at Michael's. Any foam or paper hearts would work for this step. 
I cut a little hole in each of the hearts. Then I put a piece of thin string through each heart. 

I tied the strings around the wreath so the hearts came down at different lengths. (I would have used fishing line for this, but I didn't have any.) 
The final step was to tie a piece of black ribbon around the top and hang it on a Command hook.