Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Day Scratch-off Activity Tickets

The kids enjoyed the New Year's Balloon Activities so much (, I decided to follow a similar method for snow days. 

I found an idea on Pinterest for Scratch-off Lottery Tickets. I decided to write activities on the tickets for them to uncover throughout each snow day this year. 

To start, mix acrylic gray paint and dish soap (any color of paint will work, but gray will make it look more like a lottery ticket). I didn't measure the paint and soap, but it is approximately 2 parts paint to 1 part soap. 
I took a piece of white cardstock and created 8 Snow Day tickets. My activities are: 
Build a Blanket Fort
Create a living room movie theater
 Rainbow Snow Painting
 Borax Snowflakes
 Read for 20 minutes
Do for 20 minutes
 Make toothpick/marshmallow snowflakes
 Make snow ice cream. 

I then took a white crayon and colored heavily over each activity.

The final step is to paint over the white crayon with the gray paint/soap mixture. When the paint dries, you can scratch the paint off with a coin to reveal the activity. 

The best part about these tickets is I can create a new ticket pretty quickly if I find another activity I want to do for that day. Plus I can create tickets ahead of time and just pull them out whenever we get an unexpected snow day.