Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day Scavenger Hunt of Activities

 I couldn't resist making another hunt for the kids after seeing their reaction from the Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. (And because Rachel continue to put the clues back in their spot and pretend to find them again!) So, when we got early notice of a snow day tomorrow, this was a perfect opportunity to make some new clues for them to fill our day. 

I will place the new clues where the last activity takes place. 

Here they are...

1. Hip, Hip, Hooray, we have a snow day! Your first clue is by your silly spray! (They have been patiently waiting to spray it all over each other :) ) 

2. Rachel will probably want to watch Sophia and the dancing trolls, but let's start our day with cinnamon rolls! 

3. Spend some time doing a little grammar and math. When 30 minutes are done, your clue can be found where you take a bath. 

4. It's now time to pick out a craft on Pinterest. Make sure it appeals to all of your interests. 

5. While the oven is still on, and after you remember to feed Fred, let's go to the kitchen and bake some bread! 

6. Go find some green or put on your suit. It's time for a photo shoot. 

7. Let's read a chapter from The Long Winter to help fill our day. Let's hope the groundhog was wrong and spring comes without delay! 

I just wrote these on some scrapbook paper.  Won't be as much fun as the prize hunt, but should help keep them active while we try to stay warm!