Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

This post is a little late, but this was one of the most exciting mornings we have had at our house. When the boys woke up on Valentine's Day, there was a manila folder waiting for them by their breakfast. On it they found, "Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt! (Mission Valentine) Open if you choose to accept...(Note: We leave our house by 7:00 AM for school. Normally, the boys are usually still tired by the time we leave. Not after this! They were so excited to start their day.)
I am working on one for St. Patrick's Day.  I will try to post before the holiday in case you would like to try one.
(I didn't decide to do this until 10:00 the night before Valentine's Day, so I just used the same clues this lady did. I will get more creative for the second one!)
 Clue #1:February 14th, full of red and pink--to find the next clue, look under the _ _ _ _. (sink)
This clue was in the manila folder. (I taped a little treat to every clue) If you don't have little treats laying around, get creative. You could put chocolate chips in a little baggie, a pack of fruit snacks, baggie of chips, etc; I did kool-aid singles on one of them. You could do little erasers or objects you find around the house. It doesn't have to be anything big.
 Clue #2: Roses are red, violets are blue, for your next clue, look in a _ _ _ _. (Shoe)

On every clue is also a piece to the final puzzle. My four pieces said, "Who is your Valentine? Flip over to find out." On the back of the pieces, there was a picture of me.
 Clue #3: Good job! You found me. There's only one more--to finish this chase, look behind the _ _ _ _ (door)
 Clue #4: Ha, Ha, just kidding. I'm making this hard. To end this chase, go west 12 yards. (from the hallway) (ok, maybe feet, but that doesn't rhyme :)
 Clue #5: Yeah! You did it! Now wasn't this fun. Put the pieces together and you're all done. Complete the puzzle and find your valentine.

I had a couple of bigger treats waiting for them at the end. The boys are still talking about it!