Monday, February 4, 2013

Tissue Paper Hearts with a Twist

One of our Valentine box activities is to make a tissue paper heart. When starting this craft,  I found that this was harder to do than I remembered. It was especially difficult for my 4-year old. We used foam hearts as our base. The tissue paper didn't always want to stay attached to the heart while pressing it down with a pencil. So...we decided to modify the craft a little bit.

The boys had had about enough of the glue by the time they made it once around the heart. I asked them if they wanted to pick out a picture of themselves and paste it in the middle to "use up space". They had more fun looking through old picture of themselves than anything else. Both of them used pictures from their "younger days". We were going to fill in with more tissue paper, but they thought the hearts looked better this way. :)

I really think these turned out better than the original idea.

We glued a magnet on the back, so now these can be used as decorations, or gifts for Grandma!

Remember that it isn't always important to follow the directions when crafting with your kids. Most of the time they will surprise you with their ideas and creativity. Just be a facilitator and let them do the rest.