Wednesday, February 27, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

The first step in this scavenger hunt is to cut shamrocks for the clues. I found bulletin board shamrocks at a teacher store to use. Write the clues on your five shamrocks. I taped two chocolate coins to each clue also.
Here are the clues... (If your kids are younger, you may have to help them with the rhyming a little bit. For some of the Valentine's Day clues, I had to repeat the last word in the first line a few times to get them to think of household places.)

Clue #1: (Place this first clue in a manila folder for them to get started.)
This St. Patrick’s Day Hunt can be tough, so I’ll help you a smidge.
To find your next clue, look in the _ _ _ _ _. (fridge)

Clue #2:
Finding this pot of gold is going to be harder than you think.
Your next clue is located under the bathroom_ _ _ _. (sink)

Clue #3:
To finish this hunt, you must be willing and able.
To find your next clue, look under the dining room _ _ _ _ _ (table)

Clue #4:
Let’s hope this hunt doesn’t take an hour.
Find your next clue in Daddy’s _ _ _ _ _ _.(shower)

Clue #5:
Soon spring will be here with wind through the willows,
To end this hunt, look under your parents’ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (pillows)

There is also a "puzzle piece" on the back of each clue. (The "puzzle pieces"are just a piece of paper cut up that tells them the location of the pot of gold. To find the location, they will have to put all four "puzzle pieces" together in the end.)

For the final pot of gold, I found a green pot of gold at Party City. You could just decorate a plastic bowl with construction paper to look like a pot. I found a bunch of green items at the dollar store to fill in the pot. (green shower poofs, green lifesavers, green toothbrushes, green light-up balls, Andes mints, green Powerade, green rhyming flashcards, etc)