Tuesday, February 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Pot o' Activities

After removing our "Heart Tree" for Valentine's Day, I realized that this spot on our wall would now constantly have to be filled with something. So, as a family, we came up with this Pot o'Activities at the End of the Rainbow.
Every day the kids will select one of the numbered coins from the pot of gold. Because Easter and St. Patrick's Day are so close this year, I have bonus Easter coins for them to select the week between St. Patrick's Day and Easter. (Some of the initial 17 coins are Easter activities as well.)
I like to make the kids think about things they are thankful for, or tie this activity to a life lesson of some sort.
Every day, in order to collect their "activity coin", they have to go around the house and find something that they normally take for granted to donate to our "Pot of Blessings". (This could be toothpaste, can food, shampoo, roll of paper towels, etc.) At the end of the season, we will donate these supplies to the local shelter or to the church collection. (This idea is courtesy of the kids' daycare provider--Thanks, Marcy!)
Here are the activities I have chosen for the coins. (The best part of this is the kids have not seen the activities, so if I find something better between now and then, I can always change the activity without them even knowing.)

1 Make St. Patrick’s Day Playdough

2 Make lucky cupcakes

3 Make jelly bean prayer eggs

4 Make a shamrock collage

5 Take a green bubble bath

6 Paint shamrock ornaments

7 Make bunny handprint cards

8 Make toilet paper roll bunnies

9 Make bunny tin decorations

10 Make sugar cookies for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter

11 Make a leprechaun handprint craft

12 Go to the library for holiday books

13 Make an Easter chick

14 Make a green carnation centerpiece.

15 Make rainbow cupcakes

16 Go on a shamrock hunt

17 Have a “green” dinner

Bonus Easter Coins

18 Go on an Easter egg hunt for privileges

19 Make Mr. Potato head eggs

20 Make a cross suncatcher

21 Make a popcorn lamb

22 Make shaving cream colored eggs and Easter handprint frames

23 Make other colored eggs

Note: The Pot o' Activities is made from white craft paper. The reason it is a little crooked is it is drawn freehand! We colored the pot and drew a shamrock.
The rainbow is made from the same white paper and is colored. The shamrocks are wall decorations we found at Joann Fabrics. The coins are yellow construction paper with the small wall decals placed on them.

Coming next...April showers bring May flowers. (Raindrops will be activities scattered around flowers on the wall.)