Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Camping Cupcakes

Our local library has a reading competition every summer. There is always a theme to help encourage/motivate the kids to do more reading. The latest competition had  a reading under the stars theme (camping).
For the end-of-summer party, we made these cupcakes to share. The first step is to cut a large marshmallow in half. Lay one piece on the cupcake for the pillow. Shape the other piece long way down the cupcake to be the bed. (You will have to stretch the marshmallow with your hand a little.)
Place a vanilla wafer on the pillow and decorate with frosting. I put my frosting in a plastic bag and piped it on the wafer. Soften about 5 Starburst on a glass plate in the microwave. (Don't do too many at a time because they will get hard quickly.) Roll the Starburst out with a rolling pin. You can spray it with cooking spray if it is too sticky.
I took one of the softened Starburst, cut it into four pieces, and used it for the "sheet" for the other Starburst blankets I had just rolled out. Place the blanket and sheet over the marshmallow.

Place two jellybeans at the bottom of the blanket to resemble the feet.
I used frosting to attach a teddy graham to the blanket.