Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dice Game for the Whole Family

My babysitter found this game idea and passed it along to my family. We had a great time tonight creating individual masterpieces.
Start with two dice. Place paper around one of them. I drew a different shape on each side of the die. (Circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star, straight line)
Each member of the family got a blank sheet of white paper. One person rolled the dice. Each family member had to draw the amount of shapes the dice showed. For instance, on the picture above, each of us would have drawn 5 circles on our sheet of paper. The shapes could be any size and anywhere on the paper. The next family member took a turn rolling the dice. After about 15-20 rolls, we decided to check out each other's pictures.
This is what we came up with...

 This is a great game to work on creativity, shapes, and counting. A great family game!