Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three-ring Binder Dollhouse

I came across the idea of a three-ring binder dollhouse while browsing through Pinterest. I decided to take that idea and expand upon it.  I wanted to add a "little boy" touch to the house for my son. So...we started by making the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room and then added the garage and farm. Since then we have added a salon and grocery store. We have plans for a laundry room and kids' bedrooms. The room ideas are endless!
Start by picking out your "wallpaper" colors for each room. This is just scrapbook paper cut to fit the binder. For a couple of the rooms, I did one color on the top and another on the bottom. Put modge podge (or a mixture of glue and water) on the binder and the back of the scrapbook paper. Place the scrapbook paper on the binder. 
To cover the rings of the binder, I placed fabric through the rings. They resemble curtains. To get the fabric to stay on the binders, I sewed a slot where the top and bottom rings of the binder are. Slide the fabric through rings.  

Then I went online and found images for each room. I just searched in Google for things like shower, vanity, bathroom pictures, end tables, closet, clocks, lamps, tool bench, window seats, tv entertainment center, etc. Print the pictures off and arrange them on the scrapbook paper. Place modge podge on the back of each of the images and place on the "wallpaper".

Next plaster modge podge over the entire page. It will look glossy when you first apply, but when it dries it will look as one picture. All of the images will be sealed on each page.

Other rooms:
The Garage
The Bedroom
 (The bed in this bedroom is made from wood scraps. I glued a small piece of wood to a larger piece to resemble a headboard.  I hot glued a piece of fabric over the entire bed. )

The Living Room
(The couch and chair are pieces of thick cardboard with fleece hotglued to the cardboard.)

The Farm

The Salon

The Kitchen

The Grocery Store

 My kids are constantly changing the arrangement of the dollhouse. These are some of the recent set-ups. The best part about this dollhouse is the binders can be folded up when they are done playing and placed on a bookshelf. We put all of the furniture in a little tote that gets placed on the shelf with the binders.