Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Tree Shirt Made from Ribbon

I have seen some pretty cute outfits made from ribbon, so I decided to try making my own. 

While looking for holiday ribbon, I found that this type of project could end up pretty costly if I bought a bunch of sewing ribbon. So, luckily, I found some small spools of scrapbook ribbon at Hobby Lobby. It happened to be 50% off, so each thing of ribbon only cost 49 cents! (And there is a ton of ribbon still left.) 
I used a plain white shirt we already had. I started by sewing a piece of brown ribbon on the shirt. Then I pinned on seven pieces of looped ribbon. I pinned each one so the sewing process was easier. 
I found that using my ironing board to pin the ribbon on was easiest way to accomplish this task.

After pinning each layer, I sewed one line across the layer, attaching each piece of ribbon. See the picture below. Here the shirt is placed over my ironing board so I could pin the next layer on. 

The final step was to sew two equal pieces of red ribbon to the top. I then tied the two pieces into a bow.