Thursday, January 15, 2015

Polar Bear Oreo Treats

David had snack day today. He gets very interested in picking something out to take to share with his friends. He couldn't wait to make these. It really was a lot of fun and didn't take a lot of time. 

We started with double-stuff cookies. We found some that had vanilla cookie on one side and chocolate on the other. These were Great Value brand. We did get some regular Oreos, but if you make these, they definitely have to be double-stuff. The marshmallows do not fit inside the regular Oreos very well. 

We opened the cookies and slid two mini marshmallows inside to make the ears. We pressed the cookie back together. We did have some that cracked if we pushed too hard. The softer the marshmallow, the easier this process was. 

Then we dipped the cookie in white chocolate. I used a fork to maneuver the cookie in the chocolate. The fork helps remove excess chocolate as well. Put the cookie on wax paper. 

We then placed a white chocolate disc on top of the melted chocolate. This became the raised part of the nose/mouth. I added some black decorating frosting for the eyes, although mini chocolate chips would work really well too. Then we placed an M&M on the chocolate disc. I used some of the remaining melted chocolate to make the M&M stay on the disc.