Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Canvas Painting

"Painting with a Twist", "Lushes with Brushes", and various other companies are popping up around our area. The idea is that adults get together and paint a picture by following an instructor's lead (and drinking a little wine). 

Well, most of the time, kids aren't invited to these types of establishments. But, my kids love to paint, so I decided to try the concept (minus the drinks) with my kids at home tonight. 

We decided to paint an Easter picture with a sunset and a cross. 

I got a package of 10 small canvases from Joann Fabrics a few months ago when they were half off. 

I gave the kids blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, white, and pink acrylic paint. They each had a cup of water and a towel to dry their brush. 

We started by brushing on lines of different colors.

Then we blended the lines together. We left a little bit of the bottom unpainted. Then we let them dry for about 10 minutes. 

Next, I added some black acrylic paint to their tray. They painted on a hill with the black paint. Then they added a cross. They decided they only wanted one cross on theirs. They did a great job, and were really happy with their results.