Monday, June 3, 2013

Father's Day Activity Wall Crafts

For the Father's Day Activity Wall (, I decided to have the boys help me decide what activities to put on the ties. I went on Pinterest and pinned a bunch of ideas under a summer craft board. They each took turns picking a craft that looked like fun. I wrote their ideas on the back of each tie and hung the ties back on the wall.
Day 1 of our activity wall was actually playing a board game. The boys played Junior Monopoly. This is a great game for both of them. It isn't too hard for the four-year-old, and it isn't too easy for the ten-year-old. They both really enjoyed playing together.
Day 2 of the activity wall was to build paper bag houses. We started with a brown paper bag and filled it with wadded up scrap paper. I folded and stapled the top over. The boys then picked out scrapbook paper to be used as a roof. We glued the paper to the house. They cut out windows and doors and glued those to the house. We made trees out of construction paper. We had to use a couple of pieces of brown construction paper to get the trees to stand up. Finally, we cut a road and sidewalk out of construction paper. We drew in a handprint and their name and year on the "cement" of the sidewalk.
I just so happened to have a sport pack of scrapbook paper. (That is where we found the grass scrapbook paper.) Green construction paper would work fine too, though.