Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Tie Gifts

For this gift, we started with a ziplock bag. I cut the top off the bag. I taped two of the corners together in the back to make the tie shape.

At the top, I cut a wider opening to place the candy in the bag. I then folded over the top and taped it next to the other taped corners. I also added a little saying that I found from

Here's a special tie for you,
To tell you Thanks for all you do!
Dad, you are:
You're the best a kid could have,
I'm so glad that you're my Dad!
Happy Father's Day!
Love, (child's name).

Then at the bottom, in smaller font it says:
It's not another tie to wear,
But maybe one that you could share?

We taped on a triangle at the top to add a finishing touch.