Saturday, June 8, 2013


One of our Father's Day Wall activities was to make Flubber. This activity brought so many laughs, giggles, and memories for all of us.

3 Tablespoons Borax
1/3 cup warm water
2 cups white glue
2 cups warm water
liquid watercolor

The flubber recipe calls for liquid watercolor. I did not have liquid watercolor, so we made our own.

I boiled one cup of water, added one tablespoon of vinegar, and stirred it.
Pour the water into a container.
Add about 20 drops of food coloring and let it cool. We divided it in half and made a couple of colors, although we only ended up using the blue.

For the actual flubber, measure out 3 tablespoons of borax into a bowl. Add 1/3 cup of warm water. Stir until the borax is dissolved.
 In a large measuring cup or bowl, mix the 2 cups of glue with the 2 cups of water. Add liquid watercolor until it reaches the desired color. (We added about 1/2 cup of color.)
 We then put the glue and water mixture into a larger bowl. Slowly add the borax mixture while stirring with your hands. (This is the best part for the kids! It was so neat to feel this mixture forming. Great experiment for the kids!)

Continue to pull and stretch and mix together until most or all of the water is incorporated. (If it isn't coming together, add a little more borax mixture.)

Store in an airtight container when done playing. (The kids also really enjoyed making noises with the flubber by pushing it into a plastic container. This method works better than a whoopee cushion!)