Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beach Day Frame

We went to the beach yesterday for a picnic and came across some pretty cool rocks and shells. To keep the rocks and shells safe, we created a beach frame.  We used a gallon size ziploc bag, water scrapbook paper, glue, cardstock for a border, sand, stickers, and shells. 

Start by putting about 1/3 cup of sand in the bag. Add your rocks and shells. Seal the bag so there isn't any air in the bag. 

Fold the top of the bag over the scrapbook paper., gluing the top of the bag to the back of the paper. Cut strips of cardstock to be used as a border. 

Glue the strips around the bag and trim the excess scrapbook paper. 

 We wrote the date and location on the frame and decorated it with stickers.