Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cucumber Gravy

This recipe has been in our family for as long as any of us can remember. I remember this dish on many summer nights as a child, and enjoy it just as much as an adult. It is a perfect compliment to baked or boiled potatoes. Whenever the cucumbers are ready in the garden, give this a try.

For the amount listed below, I used 1 1/2 long cucumbers from the garden. Cut up the cucumber and place in a bowl. 
Dice up half of an onion and add it to the cucumber. Sprinkle the cucumbers with salt. 
 In a separate container, mix about 1/2 cup Miracle Whip, about 1/3 cup milk, and 1-2 Tablespoons of vinegar. (These are just approximate measures because we usually just scoop and pour) Place a lid on the container and shake it until incorporated. 
 Pour the sauce over the cucumbers and onions. Mix together. We like this best over potatoes, but is also great by itself. 
This goes really well with meatloaf ( and baked potatoes on a summer night.