Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dirt Cup Treats

The theme for our library summer reading program was "Dig into Reading". For the wrap-up party at the end of the program, the kids and I made these treats for all the reading participants. For 30 clear party cups, it took 8 packages of chocolate pudding and 16 cups of milk. (I bought the pudding mix in bulk so it was a lot cheaper.) 

Then I crushed 1 1/2 packages of off-brand oreos in my blender. (Only do about 4 cookies at a time.) Use a spoon if any of the filling gets stuck in the bottom of the blender. 

I put about 2 teaspoons of crushed oreos on top of each cup. 

Then I added 2 gummy worms to each cup. For easy transporting, I put 15 cups on a baking sheet and covered the cups with Press n Seal.