Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Duck Dynasty Clothespin Guys

Our next clothespin guys are Si, Phil, Willie, and Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Our collection now consists of Duck Dynasty guys, Frozen characters, Bob Ross, and Max Scherzer clothespins.

I started using camo fabric for pants. (I hot glued everything on.) 
I cut black felt for the v-neck t-shirts. 
I found the "hair" at Michael's. It is called Felt Works 100% wool roving. 
I added bandannas made out of scrapbook paper to Phil and Willie. I added camo fabric for a hat on Si and black felt for a hat on Jase. 
I found the clothespin doll stands at Michael's as well.  

If you want the guys to have arms, attach pipe cleaners and cover the top of the pipe cleaner with black felt.