Sunday, June 8, 2014

Max Scherzer Clothespin Man

After making the Frozen dolls (  and Bob Ross out of clothespins, the boys have plenty of other ideas for clothespin men. Max Scherzer was on the top of their list of people to make. 

I made the cap out of blue cardstock. I painted on a D with a toothpick and white paint. 

I put a little piece of blue cardstock around the neck part of the clothespin. I drew on a Nike swoosh sign with the toothpick and paint. The jersey and pants are white felt hot glued around the clothespin. The arms are white pipe cleaners. (I covered the top of the pipe cleaner with white fleece.) The belt is a piece of black felt glued on. The lines down the jersey and pants are strips of cardstock glued on. I cut out a D from the cardstock as well.

Of course, there is one blue eye and one brown eye drawn on with a sharpie. 

For the back, I just cut out his number  (37) from the cardstock and glued it on. I used black sharpie to add shoes.