Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bob Ross Clothespin Man

After making the entire Frozen cast out of clothespins (, I decided to tackle some more...
A family friend learned how to paint the Bob Ross technique, so I created this display for her for her birthday today.  (I got the idea from Pinterest:

For the pants, I used an old pair of stretchy jeans my daughter had grown out of. I hot glued pieces of the fabric around the two bottom halves. Then I added a piece of brown felt for the belt. The shirt is a piece of light blue felt that I hot glued on. 

For the arms, I covered a piece of white pipe cleaner with blue felt for each arm. Then I hot glued that to the clothespin. I cut a circle out of corkboard paper and added some puffy paint to attach to one of the arms. The paint brush is a piece of white pipe cleaner with a mini brown puffball glued to the end. I added a little bit of paint to the end of the brown puffball. 

The hair and beard are brown tulle glued to the top of the clothespin. The easel is created with three popsicle sticks that I hot glued together. I glued a small popsicle stick to create a ledge for the picture to sit on. The picture is an image I found online and glued to a piece of cardboard. 
The base is a piece of cardboard with blue felt glued to it.