Friday, June 6, 2014

Kids' Passport Scrapbook

My daughter has recently become interested in maps. And we go on a lot of random day trips during the summer, so I thought I would try to develop a summer activity that would help the kids document the fun things they did and learn a little bit about maps along the way.

I decided to create a "Passport" scrapbook for them. 

I started by gathering blue cardstock, white computer paper, fasteners, markers, stickers, paint swatches, and red/white/blue scrapbook paper.
I folded a piece of blue cardstock and 5 pieces of white paper in half. I trimmed a little section off of the white paper stack so it was smaller than the cardstock. I stapled the stack of white paper together with two staples at each end of the fold. 

Then I used a fastener to attach the cover to the white pages. 
I tried to just staple the cover, but every time I opened the passport, the staples would become loose. 
Next I made passport cards. I cut a rectangle out of blue and white star construction paper. Then I added a piece of red construction paper. I wrote all of the passport facts on the red paper. Then I added a picture of each kid over the star paper. 

To make the "stamps" for the passports, I cut rectangles out of paint swatches. (I used fancy edge scissors.) I also used some cake -pop sticker labels for some of the bigger trips we had gone on. 

I wrote Passport and United States of America on the front cover and added an American flag sticker. 

I added some stickers and some stamps of the places we have been most recently. 

On the back of the passport, I glued on a blank map of the United States. The kids will color in the states they have been to. 

For another map element, I glued on a world map in the back of the passport.