Friday, August 22, 2014

Kindergarten Treats

After talking with a few of the "Kindergarten moms", we found a lot of our kids were still pretty nervous about the big day. So, we decided to meet up at the school playground for a picnic. Hopefully seeing some familiar faces on the first day will help them. 

This was our contribution to the picnic. 

Apple cupcakes: I dipped the frosted cupcakes in red decorating sugar. Then we stuck in a pretzel stick for the stem, added some green frosting for the leaf, and finished it off with a gummy worm. 

We made up some treat bags for kids too. The first item was actually a pretend treat. I wrapped a pink eraser in wax paper to resemble a piece of taffy. 

The ruler says, "Kindergarten Rules!". The bag of Smartie candy says, "Hey there, Smartie! Good luck in Kindergarten!" The bag of goldfish says, "You're O-Fish-ally a Kindergartner!" The Pop Rocks say, "This year is going to ROCK!"