Saturday, August 9, 2014

Toy Story Birthday Cake

Rachel wanted a Toy Story party for her 3rd birthday. So, I did my best to create a cake that resembled her favorite character, Jessie. 

I started by making two 9-in round cakes. After they were cool I leveled them off and placed one on top of the other. Then I baked two 8-in round cakes. After those were cool, I leveled both of them with a serrated knife and placed those two on top of the 9-inch cakes. 

I covered the cakes with a thin layer of white frosting. Then I added red frosting to the top of the cake. (If I had to do this again, I would have done the red last. It was difficult to keep the red from mixing with the yellow.)

Then I added yellow and white frosting to resemble Jessie's shirt. The bottom 9-inch cakes are frosted with blue frosting. I piped on brown frosting to resemble her belt. I also added white lines to the top to resemble Jessie's hat. 

I added some decorative lines to the shirt component using red frosting. 
I used cow print felt pieces to cover the cake board. Then I added Rachel's Toy Story figures. 

The last steps were to braid licorice rope pieces and place them around the bottom of the cake and write the message on the top.