Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reusable Snack Bags

I wanted to create some reusable snack bags for my son and his friends to use during their snack time at school. (The kids can keep these in their lunch box and get them out during snack time.) 

I found a tutorial at the following website:

First, wash all of your fabric. 
Then cut the fabric pieces. The liner is thick, unbleached, 100% cotton. I cut two pieces of the liner and two pieces of the decoative fabric for each bag. They are all about 7" by 6 1/2". The decorative fabric is a little bit larger. 
Then I cut a piece of sewable velcro. Leave about 1/2" on both sides of the velcro. I sewed three lines on each piece of velcro to make sure it was secure. 

Then I turned the liner over so the velcro side was on top of the decorative fabric. 

I sewed the two pieces together (Sew just above the velcro)

Then turn the decoative fabric over like the picture below. Do the same thing to the other liner piece. 

Attach the velcro pieces so the decorative fabric is on top of one another and the liner is on top of one another. (Pictured below)

Pin the liner pieces together and the decorative fabric pieces together. 

Sew the sides of the liner and the bottom of the liner together. Make sure you sew all the way up the side of the liner without sewing the velcro. 

Then sew the sides of the decoative fabric together. For the bottom, sew a couple of inches on both sides, leaving about a 2-3" hole at the bottom. (See picture below)

Pull all of the fabric and liner through the 2" hole at the bottom. 

Open up the velcro to help you push the fabric through the hole and straighten it up. 

The last step is to sew up the hole at the bottom. I just did this with the sewing machine. It would probably look better with a hand stitch, but this was a lot faster.