Sunday, April 5, 2015

Detroit Tigers Opening Day Cake

We have our own "Opening Day" party every year for the start of the Detroit Tiger baseball season. Our party is complete with hot dogs, peanuts, turning our refrigerator into Paws (, and cake!

Here is the cake we came up with this year...
The bottom layer is two 10x12in. cakes. The top is two 9 inch round cakes stacked. I covered them with homemade frosting right before I placed the fondant on the the cake (1/2 cup Crisco, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 2 Tbsp milk). 

The fondant recipe: Melt one 16 oz bag of mini marshmallows with 2 Tbsp water in a large bowl. Melt on 30 second intervals, stirring after each round of 30 seconds...about 1 1/2 minutes total. 

Add 3 cups of powdered sugar. Stir until smooth. Put Crisco on the counter. Knead in about 3 more cups of powdered sugar. Put Crisco around the ball of dough. Cover with Saran wrap. Place in an air-tight container until ready to work with it.) 

I colored some of the frosting blue by using black and blue food gel. I still have to work on my rolling and smoothing of fondant, but this is as good as it gets for now. 

I colored a little of the fondant orange and covered the circle cakes and made some paw prints. 

Both D's, the baseball, and white strips are from the white fondant. I used red frosting to stitch the baseball and black frosting to write "Opening Day 2015". 

The boys' favorite accessory is the hat. I made some Rice Krispie treats and molded it into the hat shape. The trick is to spray your hands with cooking spray to be able to mold the warm Rice Krispies. I covered the ball part of the hat with blue fondant. I did the bill part of the hat separately. Then I stuck them together. The top of the hat is just a piece of fondant.