Monday, July 15, 2013

Drive-in Cars out of Boxes

It was too hot to play outside today, so we created our own drive-in movie theater.
Luckily, we had two Pampers boxes, so both boys each had a box. We were able to find a smaller one later for Rachel.
Each of the boys picked out a color of tissue paper to cover their box. It took three pieces of tissue paper to do the whole "car". I just taped it down with duct tape.
We cut out lights from construction paper and made license plates out of small cardboard pieces.

We drew on windows on the sides and taped on some wheels.

We put blankets on the bottom of the boxes and pillows in the back.
We made a license for each of the boys out of construction paper.
They made some movie tickets for themselves and took their cars to the "drive-in". They enjoyed popcorn and some other snacks as well.

 Rachel used her car later on for a spot to read books.