Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fourth of July Party for Kids

This summer, a few of my friends and I have decided to take turns hosting play dates for the kids. (It  also gives us a reason to get together and chat:) )  
I decided to host a Fourth of July theme play date for the kids.  Before the kids arrived, I made some pizza dough. (See an earlier post for the pizza recipe--located under Valentine Meal Idea.) I separated one batch of pizza dough into 7 little circles. I placed the little personal size dough on a baking pan and the kids took turns making their own pizza.
While we waited for the pizzas to bake, we made firework paintings, a cup turned into a crab, and went on a flag scavenger hunt (see an earlier post).
The firework painting was created with pipe cleaners and mini poofy balls.  For the pipe cleaner creation, take four pipe cleaners, fold them in half, and twist one end to create a handle. Then pull out the tops of the pipe cleaners to create a star shape.

Each kid had a mini paper plate. We squeezed out a little blob of each of the paint colors they requested. The one done below is with red, white, and blue paint.

 The kids also snacked on the flag fruit kabobs below. I soaked the bananas in orange juice to keep them from browning.

They also enjoyed red, white, and blue drinks. Fill a glass with ice. Pour cran-apple juice in the bottom. Then, very slowly, pour pina colada flavored Sobe drink over the ice cubes. If you don't do this slowly, they will mix together. Finally, pour G2 blue Gatorade slowly over the ice cubes.
I also made some blue and red ice cubes to place in Sierra Mist if the kids wanted something else to drink. I just colored some water with a couple of drops of food coloring before placing it in the ice cube tray.

For a little snack, the kids also enjoyed white chocolate dipped pretzel rods. I just sprinkled them with red and blue decorating sugar.
They finished the meal with the red, white, and blue cupcakes. (Recipe on an earlier post)

The remainder of our time was spent playing outside. Sometimes the best play is the creative play the kids think up on their own.