Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Crafts

Days 13 and 14 of our Pot o'Activities:

These two crafts are Easter-themed. The first one, the bunny, is made from a paper plate and cottonballs.
I just drizzled glue all over the paper plate and David put the cottonballs on the glue. The ears are just white and pink construction paper glued on the top of the paper plate. We glued on some eyes, a puff ball nose, and pipe cleaner whiskers and mouth. (Tacky glue works best.)

The chick is just made from construction paper. We cut an oval shape out of yellow construction paper. David traced his fingers for the feathers of the chick. We used a fastener to attach the wings to the body. The beak and legs are just orange construction paper glued on to the body. We also glued on some eyes and wrote Happy Easter on the chick.

These are very simple crafts that only take a couple of minutes to complete.