Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter Handprints

Day 7-Pot o'Activities: Easter Handprint Masterpieces

This is the second year we have made these Easter cards. I plan to keep them through the years and compare how their handprints have grown. My ten-year-old was already amazed to see how much his hand grew from last year.

First, we put some white finger paint on a little paper plate. The kids pressed their hands in the paint and then transferred their print to the piece of construction paper. I wrote "Happy Easter", their name, and the year in fabric paint.--this could be done with any paint or marker.

After the white paint dried, I put a little drop of pink paint for each of the ears. The kids used their fingers to make lines. Then they made a little fingerprint for the nose out of pink paint. We used a black paint pen for the whiskers and mouth and glued on little crafting eyes. However, a marker could also be used for all the facial features.