Thursday, March 14, 2013

Visit the Library

Day 12: A Trip to the Library

If you didn't know, March is Reading Month. This is a perfect opportunity to visit your local library.
Our local libraries are treasures that are so often overlooked.

Personally, my town library is extremely small--it is housed in the back of the town fire hall. With that being said, my kids love going there. Their faces light up on our trips there. And, as soon as we get home, they want to read every book we checked out. Our house is full of books, but our books just aren't the same as the books from the library. There is a heightened sense of urgency to read the books they just checked out.

I challenge you to take your children to the library. I bet you will see the same excitement. Reading 20 minutes a day will give your kids an education and vocabulary that will amaze you. Use the library to help build a love for books! Your kids will thank you.