Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dr. Seuss's Birthday Party

We started our March Madness Book Bracket this weekend ( with some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books. Because today is Dr. Seuss's birthday, we decided to do some special treats and crafts to go with the books we read. 

We started with One Fish two fish red fish blue fish
I put blue jello in clear cups and added some Swedish fish when it was set. 
We then created Thing 1 and Thing 2: 
I put a strawberry, a piece of banana (I put some lemon juice on the bananas so they didn't brown), and a blueberry on a toothpick. Then I put some blue frosting on the blueberry for hair. 
I used black food gel to add a face and a 1 and 2. 

We also did some Cat in the Hat treats. Those are half an Oreo, a red gummy lifesaver, white frosting, lifesaver, frosting, and another lifesaver. 

We had green eggs and ham for dinner. 

My husband came up with the craft for the book Oh, the Places You'll Go. We printed off some pictures of the kids through the years of their life. They placed them on a piece of scrapbook paper like a timeline. We wrote, "Oh, the Places You'll (Continue to) Go!" on top of the paper. 

For the book Ten Apples Up On Top!, (although not a Dr. Seuss book, the inspiration for this book came from Dr. Seuss)  I found some clipart and created a counting sheet for David to do. He used a paint dauber to count the correct number of apples that had to go on top of each animal. 

We are going to finish the night with some popcorn for the book Hop on Pop, and this little pineapple tidbit, mandarin orange, pretzel rod treat for The Lorax.