Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Decoded Message

I am always trying to find creative, fun ways to get my 5-year-old to work on writing his letters. So, on our snow day today, I created this alphabet decoded message worksheet for him. My 11-year-old likes to do these too, so it will work for both of them. (For him, I am also adding a list of St. Patrick's Day words for him to put in alphabetical order.)

Find the secret message—decode using the alphabet chart…

1=A                 8=H                 15=O               22=V
2=B                 9=I                  16=P                23=W
3=C                 10=J                17=Q               24=X
4=D                 11=K               18=R               25=Y
5=E                 12=L               19=S                26=Z
6=F                  13=M              20=T
7=G                 14=N               21=U

____________   ______________ 
            19                            15

____________  ______________  _______________  _______________ _______________
            12                                       21                                     3                                     11                                              25

______________  _______________                       
            20                                          15

________________  _________________  __________________  __________________
            8                                             1                                              22                                                5

________________  ________________  ____________________!!!
             25                                              15                                             21       

The words Matt is going to alphabetize are: Rainbow, Shamrock, St. Patrick, Clover, March, Magic, Gold, Good Luck, Celebrate, Luck, Leprechaun. 

If you would like the word template, send me your email address.